Battleground Caucus: Cascadia (Washington/ Oregon/ Idaho)

Battleground Caucus: Cascadia (Washington/ Oregon/ Idaho)

Starts: Thursday, Jun. 20 5:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Jun. 20 5:45 PM (Eastern)

Room: 210 BF

For these purposes the Pacific Northwest is Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

Want to know more about what’s happening in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Virginia? Curious about key races and major ballot initiatives coming up? Come to one of these battleground state caucuses and find out how you can get involved. Facilitators will give an overview of the landscape in each state, talk about whats’s at stake and tell you ways you can volunteer or plug in to existing efforts. NOTE: These sessions are not just for residents of those states; come if you’re interested in getting involved or learning more.