Victory in Ohio: How Senate Bill 5 was Defeated

Victory in Ohio: How Senate Bill 5 was Defeated

Session Type(s): Panel

Training Tag(s): Elections, Labor, Technology / Data / Innovation

Starts: Thursday, Jun. 7 9:00 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Jun. 7 10:15 AM (Eastern)

Understand the success of the “We are Ohio” campaign’s road to victory in beating back the right’s attacks on working families. Get insight on how the tactics used in Ohio can translate to other campaigns around the country.

Victory in Ohio: How Senate Bill 5 was Defeated

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The panelists broke down what happened in Ohio, and why they were successful:
#nn12 We Are Ohio had one of the best new media programs #labor has seen yet – learn how they beat #sb5 in Ballroom EDoug Foote
Doug Stern: campaign against Issue 2 in Ohio was bipartisan & nonpartisan. We had no political boundaries. I’m a registered Republican.#NN12paulhogarth
Ohio: the opposition never humanized the issue, but they ripped off one of our ads – taking a great grandma’s words out of context #NN12paulhogarth
Ohio defeated SB5 with 3 pnt message discipline. Unfair, unsafe, hurts us all. Made public speakers/faces workers, not leadership. #nn12Dane101
Winning is possible, with the right approach.
Session on Victory in Ohio – so important to remember that on-the-ground work can win, especially in wake of WI recall #rcpress #nn12Raging Chicken Press
They also discussed Ohio vs. Wisconsin.
In Ohio, 86% of union members voted No on 2. In Wisconsin, nearly 40% of union households voted for Scott Walker. #NN12paulhogarth
SB5 panel: Ohio and Wisconsin difference is issue verses person. Also, easier to get people to vote "no." Ex. Should Gov. be recalled? #nn12Dane101


Jane Blume


Jane has served as Director of Communications for the International Association of Fire Fighters since January 2004. She has more than 20 years of communications experience working with trade associations and professional societies in the greater Washington, DC area, including the National Contract Management Association, Community Associations Institute, Snack Food Association and Greater Washington Society of Association Executives. In her position at the IAFF, Jane has responsibility for the IAFF magazine, social media program and all online communications, including the IAFF web site. In addition, she provides public relations assistance to IAFF affiliates in a number of areas, including political campaigns.

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Kate Kennedy


A native of Columbus, Ohio, Kate served as the New Media Director for the We Are Ohio campaign. In her time at We Are Ohio, Kate and the new media team worked to promote the campaign’s message through various outlets of social media and came up with creative ways for workers’ rights supporters to become online activists, many for the very first time. Before her time at We Are Ohio, Kate worked at the Ohio Democratic Party as the Deputy New Media Director. Kate studied Political Science at James Madison University and is now with Revolution Messaging, a cutting-edge progressive strategy firm focusing on mobile and online strategies in DC.

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Doug Stern


Having been a front line fire fighter since 1996 gives me a unique perspective as a labor communicator. That perspective and background was critical during 2011’s fight to repeal Ohio’s Senate Bill 5. While working with We Are Ohio on behalf of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters, our team was able to use traditional and new media to spread the rally and inform nearly 10,000 union fire fighters and many others in the Buckeye State. 2012 has seen our communications shop grow with our social media outreach and the beginning of an in-house program geared to create advertising and direct mail for our local affiliates. While this program and OAPFF communications continue to grow, our staff, myself included continue to work our shifts at the fire house and protect our communities proudly.

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