Base Building and Elections: Winning while Building Grassroots Power

Base Building and Elections: Winning while Building Grassroots Power

Session Type(s): Training

Starts: Friday, Jun. 8 10:30 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Friday, Jun. 8 11:45 AM (Eastern)

This session will address how elections can be won in such a way that power is built up in the grassroots and that winning is more than 50 percent plus 1. We’ll discuss how base building isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do to win. Participants will learn how we can use elections to build and expand the base by bringing new people into the process by building authentic relationships in communities. We will also talk about how communities and constituencies must be seen as partners in this work in order to create infrastructure that last long after the election, builds power and grows new leaders. Finally, you’ll learn how to put together a base-building plan that utilizes power mapping and targeting.


Peggy Flanagan


Peggy Flanagan is a dynamic teacher, trainer, and community and political organizer. She is an enrolled member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe. Peggy is the Director of External Affairs at Wellstone Action – the country’s largest progressive training center. She also serves as adjunct faculty for the George Washington University’s Native American Political Leadership Program.

Recently named as one of the top 100 most influential people in Minnesota politics by Campaigns & Elections magazine, Peggy was the First Americans GOTV Coordinator in Minnesota for Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change and Al Franken for Senate campaign. Peggy was elected to the Minneapolis School Board in 2004 and was the first Native American to serve on that body.

Peggy graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in American Indian Studies and child psychology.

Peggy lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Tim and their dog, Reuben.

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