#NN14: Thursday highlights

#NN14: Thursday highlights

Here’s your daily wrap up as we conclude another successful first day of Netroots Nation! Please consider sharing this with those not able to join us. Here are some highlights from our first day:

Keynote with Vice President Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden gave some real talk to Netroots attendees, hitting on topics including marriage equality, compassion for immigrants, expanded access to the ballot box and more in his mid-day remarks. In his first appearance at Netroots Nation, he said the country has reached an inflection point and that progressives have a chance to bend the arc of history.

“We have probably reached this point in our history three to four times,” Biden said. “What are we going to do? Our hands are on the wheel. We get a chance to bend history just a little bit.”

Click here for a recap of Vice President Biden’s remarks as captured on social media.

Evening keynote with Rev. William Barber
Rev. William Barber took attendees to church during his remarks, giving a history lesson on the politics of division and urging everyone to come together as allies. “We must resist the moment mentality,” Barber said. “We are not here for a moment. We must be here to build a movement.”

@mfpseth on Twitter said: This ardent atheist loves Rev. William Barber. He is a powerful moral voice in a country that doesn’t like discussing morality.

Click here for a recap of Rev. William Barber’s remarks.

*Quick bits*
• We’re expecting about 3,000 attendees throughout the weekend. More than 1,000 are first-timers.
You never know who might photobomb you at Netroots Nation.
Click here to check out some images from Netroots Nation Day 1. 

Even if you can’t join us in Detroit, you can follow some of the action from home. These will be streaming live tomorrow, along with interviews throughout
* 9 a.m.: Morning News Dump with Lizz Winstead, Shannyn Moore and Cliff Schecter
* 10 a.m.: Morning keynote featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren
* 2 p.m.: Black Caucus
* 3:00 p.m.: TWiBPrime w/ Elon James White
* 4:30 p.m.: #BlackWomenLead: Harnessing Black Women’s Political Power and Leadership Potential w/ Sen. Nina Turner
* Follow more of the action on Twitter by searching the #nn14 hashtag.

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