Rev. Barber to Open Netroots Nation

barberWe’re excited to welcome Rev. William Barber, the fiery preacher behind North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement, to Netroots Nation this summer.

Rev. Barber will speak to attendees—-and help set the tone for Netroots Nation—-at Thursday night’s opening plenary session.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket, click here to register now.

Moral Mondays started as a protest to the conservative takeover of state politics but has quickly grown into a grassroots social justice movement that’s reaching far beyond just North Carolina. A recent piece in Mother Jones says Rev. Barber is “charting a new path for protesting Republican overreach in the South—-and maybe beyond.”

With conservative overreach happening in states across the country, having Rev. Barber speak couldn’t come at a better time.

Other speakers include Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Gov. Howard Dean and more to be announced soon. Attendees will have access to 80 panels, 40 hands-on training sessions, film screenings and tons of fun networking events.

I hope you’re making plans to join us (and Rev. Barber) in Detroit!

We’ll see you in July.


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