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Issue Campaigns Aimed at Congress

The theory and practice of issue campaigns aimed at Congress can be complex. In this session, we’ll talk about the self interests of members of Congress and how media can affect the behavior of members. We’ll also cover messaging, tactics and timing so that your issue campaign will be as succesful as possible.

Trainers: Heather Booth, Bob Creamer

Twitter Training for Campaigning: Strategies to Win and Build Community

Twitter is the platform of choice for political activists, reporters and candidates; a politically hyper-engaged audience who mold the conversation nationally. This session will guide you through advanced strategies for campaigns and nonprofits to educate the public, influence the media and win your election. We will discuss tactics to grow targeted audiences, turbo-boost messaging and engage users for collective action on your behalf. At all times, we will focus on winning strategies using case studies and solid measurement. Audience participation will be welcomed and encouraged.

Trainers: Kimberly 'Dr. Goddess' Ellis, Zach Green

You're not Elizabeth Warren but you can raise money! Fundraising targeting and tactics

So often we hear about these big-time progressive personalities breaking fundraising goals like it’s nothing. But for the rest of us, fundraising is daunting and sometimes intimidating. This session is tailored for down-ballot candidates and staffers looking for the skills to raise funds even without a high profile name or race.

Trainers: Andy Szekeres, Monique Teal

Digital campaigns on a budget

How do you run a digital campaign on a budget? There are many things an organizer can do to affect change without a large budget—or even one at all. By approaching the issue through the lens of an organizer, anyone can run an effective digital campaign. Attendees will learn about past campaigns that have worked and what tools they can use to build a narrative and make change happen.

Trainers: Beth Becker, Asher Huey

Conversion optimization using (free) Google tools

The next step in digital campaigns is conversion optimization. Learn to leverage free Google tools—from tag manager to analytics to e-commerce tracking—to drive down the cost of acquiring new supporters and drive actions across your digital campaigns.

Trainers: Jeff Lennan

Change culture, change the world: An introduction to pop culture strategy for social movements

From the Civil Rights era to the marriage equality and immigrant rights movements, forward-thinking social justice leaders, artists and advocates have designed and deployed culture change and pop culture intervention strategy to shift cultural narratives, upend long-held personal beliefs, galvanize unlikely allies and spark widespread public support for under-represented issues. While many agree that well-conceived cultural change and pop culture intervention strategies can dramatically accelerate the pace of social change, the progressive community has only just begun to formally map the theory, methods and creative practices that make these strategies effective. In this deep-dive workshop, participants will be guided through a hands-on exploration of the process of planning a long-term (pop) culture change strategy designed to bring progressive issues to the center of mainstream conversation.

Trainers: Bridgit Antoinette Evans

Beyond Excel: How to analyze your data in SQL

Many analysts are able to force Excel into doing the things they need. But once the data gets big enough, their VLOOKUPs and pivot tables break Excel, or force them to wait minutes to get data that should only take seconds. Learning how to utilize SQL can be daunting. Attendees will get hands-on experience in learning how to import their data, analyze it in ways that Excel makes painful and get back useable results.

Starting in mid-June you’ll be able to find materials for this session here: http://nn14.yahel.com/

Trainers: Yahel Carmon

It's not Photoshop's fault that no one liked your infographic

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for how to make attractive visual content when you have to include your organization’s garishly colored logo? Have you ever spent hours trying to craft the perfect Facebook graphic and then your mom is the only person who shares it? Do you secretly wish you could make an infographic that looks decent enough for Upworthy to post? If you answered, ‘yes’ to one or more of those questions, then you need to be at this session. This training is for anyone looking to up their design game, make share-ier content and get a handle on tools for visual problem solving. We’ll focus on the bare-bones basics of good design and show you how to take your visual content to the next level by using design principals to break through frustrating roadblocks.

Trainers: Sarah Baker, Eric Ming

How to get media and breakthrough on your issue

The media landscape is changing dramatically and getting more crowded by the minute. How do we breakout, breakthrough and win in this competitive landscape? Creative integrated (earned, paid, social) campaigns can influence decision makers, persuade the public, provide legitimacy and be the difference between a winning campaign and a losing one. In this session you’ll hear from media and PR professionals about best practices and tips on how to make the most impact.

Trainers: Doug Gordon, Jennifer Lindenauer

Be your own megaphone: Tips for putting your cause or organization in the spotlight

Organizations and activists often overlook high-value, low-cost ways to place their work before interested audiences. From personalized outreach to submitting guest pieces at niche sites, there are cost-effective and efficient ways to earn your work the attention it deserves. This training will provide tips, tricks and alternatives to mass dissemination of one-size-fits-all email blasts to put your work before audiences that are actively seeking the latest news from organizations and causes like yours.

Trainers: Chris Cassidy

Managing the world's biggest list—or the smallest

Many of the “rules of the road” for online petitions were created at giant platforms with giant email lists. But what happens when your list is small? In the past year, we’ve identified the best practices from managing Change.org’s massive list that ring true with single-issue advocacy campaigning. As a current and former Changer, we’ll share what we’ve learned about applying giant-list experience to focused, single-issue campaigns. We’ll talk about how campaign storytelling changes when there is a longer ladder of engagement to move members up on, and what the higher rungs on this ladder can be (petition deliveries, house parties and more).

Trainers: Cristina Moon, Kristiane Skolmen

List building crash course: Avoiding the spam traps

Email is still king when it comes to driving in online revenue. That means building your email list is one of the most important things your organization or campaign does. This session will analyze the pros and cons of paid and non-paid acquisition and help you develop a road map to successfully develop a qualified list that actually delivers to in-boxes. We will teach you how to build a list successfully (even if it is from scratch) and how to continue to maintain its overall health (what to look for in your reports and what tests to run to check your list health). We also will cover how to optimize landing pages and asks, as well as techniques to employ when trying to engage your newest contacts.

Trainers: Taryn Rosenkranz

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