We’re going to St. Louis!

We’re going to St. Louis!

If you missed our announcement during Netroots Nation, I wanted to make sure you knew: We’re going to St. Louis in 2016 and plan to make racial justice a central issue to the progressive agenda.

In Phoenix, we learned how increased border militarization, the for-profit deportation system, racial profiling and criminalization and persistent economic inequality impacts all Americans, but especially people of color.

We also witnessed a group of women affiliated with the Movement for Black Lives conducting a direct action during the Presidential Town Hall, calling on both candidates—as well as the progressive movement as a whole—to acknowledge the black women who have died in the custody of the police and understand the importance of confronting and dismantling structural racism now.

We’ve got work to do as a movement and organization to make sure all communities—Black, Native American, transgender, undocumented and more—feel included and valued. We’re committed to making sure Netroots Nation is a safe space for all our attendees and that all voices are not just heard but uplifted.

So next year, as the 2016 cycle is heating up, we’re going to push the envelope further and send a powerful message with not only our voices, but our presence. We’re going to a city that’s been an epicenter of the racial justice struggle recently so we can connect with and support local organizers who have been leaders not only in Ferguson and St. Louis but nationwide.

By going to Detroit two years ago and Phoenix last month, our attendees have a better understanding of issues like water rights and immigration and how local activists are leading the fight nationally on a critical issue. In going to St. Louis, we want to send an important message about the importance of standing up with the organizers of the Movement for Black Lives in tackling structural racism.

The progressive movement is at a crossroads right now, and it’s important to make sure we’re on the right side of history.
Will you make a commitment now to join us in St. Louis for Netroots Nation 2016?

Prices won’t get any lower, so click here and reserve your ticket today at Eventbrite, the official registration and ticketing platform of Netroots Nation.

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