#NN19 Press Coverage

#NN19 Press Coverage

Netroots Nation 2019 received thousands of press mentions, including coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC, Vox, the Daily Beast, NPR and more. Below are excerpts from a few of the stories:

The national progressive movement is growing. Now its biggest gathering — Netroots — is coming to Philly. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
As the annual convention has grown, so has its influence. No longer seen as fringe or extreme, the progressive movement has become a key voice in the battle for the direction of the Democratic Party — and the selection of its 2020 presidential nominee. This year’s convention, which opens Thursday in Philadelphia, is expected to draw 3,000 people, culminating Saturday in a forum for presidential candidates at the Convention Center.
“Folks who come to Netroots aren’t just vocal,” said Mary Rickles, political director for the group. “They’re the base. They knock on doors. They make phone calls. They work for organizations that put tons of money into these elections, so it’s not just like 3,000 people who come to the conference and then go home. It’s the thousands of people who work for them, and that they’ll touch.”

Progressives to test 2020 Democrats’ leftward pull at NetRoots Nation conference (ABC)
In the early stages of a 2020 Democratic primary brimming with presidential candidates seeking to outflank each other from the left, some in the field jockeying for the progressive mantle will test their bold ideas before an eager left-leaning base at the NetRoots Nation annual conference this weekend.

Progressive Activists Gather, Hoping To Seize Their Moment In 2020 Campaign (NPR)
(Progressive) values are no longer seen as fringe ideas in the Democratic Party. Multiple presidential candidates are talking about “Medicare-for-all,” reparations for slavery and bold action on climate change. And their ideas are driving the action on debate stages.
Now, as they gather in Philadelphia for the largest progressive convention of the year, Netroots Nation, they feel empowered as if this is their time to take over the party, push traditional Democrats aside and hold candidates accountable.

The Squad And Elizabeth Warren Win Big With Progressives At Netroots Nation (Blavity)
More than 3,700 people gathered in Philadelphia July 11-13 for the Netroots Nation Conference, the largest annual conference focused on progressive politics. This year’s event drew the largest crowd yet, with people energized and focused on defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.

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