A note about transparency

A note about transparency

We’re counting down the days to November 6—and looking forward to celebrating and amplifying those wins next year in Philly at Netroots Nation 2019. We know that no matter what the results are on Election Day, there will be more work to do and more efficient ways to organize.

As an organization, becoming better and more efficient is something we’ve always taken to heart. We’ve made changes large and small over our 12-year history—most of them driven by suggestions and feedback from the community. One piece of feedback we’ve consistently gotten over the years is a desire for greater transparency overall and in the details of our planning processes.

Once the election is over, keep your eyes peeled to this space. Every week or two, we’ll give you insight into various issues, ask for feedback and tell you how you can get involved. Some of the planned discussions include:

• Feedback and suggestions from NN18 in New Orleans
• Budgeting priorities and convention costs (the $10 bagel!)
• Scholarships: funding and how to apply
• Panel/training submission and selection
• How to volunteer and get involved
• Accessibility issues and childcare
• An introvert’s guide to thriving at NN
• Sponsoring and exhibiting
• And more!

But first, we’ve got elections to win. Let’s GOTV!

We’ll talk again soon.

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