Our agenda includes 80+ panels on almost every progressive issue, from current battles to long-term movement strategy. Panels are created by and for the community through an open panel submission process. Each year, we ask you to help develop and organize the sessions you’ll attend at Netroots Nation, helping us create a diverse and inclusive agenda. The panel submission process opens in February.

Below are some examples of the types of panels we offer each year. The full line-up will be announced in the spring.

Issue Based

These panels focus on issues ranging from climate change to economic justice and how progressives are moving that issue forward.

Past issue based panels include:

  • From Selma to Ferguson: Voting Rights in the Digital Age
  • Expanding the Media Narrative around Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • Solutions, Not Suspensions: Closing the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Campaign Focused

Some panels focus more on campaigns and unpacking what went wrong and right. These sessions offer valuable lessons learned.

Past campaign focused panels include:

  • Defeating Anti-LGBTQ Legislation in the States
  • New Models for Digital Organizing in 2016 and Beyond
  • Fighting Fake Science: When the Right tries to Derail Your Movement with Misinformation
Big Picture

Many of our sessions look beyond the current news cycle and challenge attendees to think big picture and long-term.

Past panels include:

  • Ending the Endless War and Advancing a Progressive Global Vision
  • When We Fight, We Win!: The Role of Art and Culture in Movement Building
  • Challenging the Under-Representation of Women and People of Color in Office

These panels focus on cutting-edge tools, tactics and best practices that can be applied to any issue or campaign.

Past tactical panels include:

  • Using Psychology to Understand Why and When People Donate
  • Beyond the Like: Creative Content for Success on Facebook
  • Your 2016 Tool Kit: How Technology Is Transforming the Way We Run (and Win!) Down Ballot Races