Propose a Training

The submission period for Netroots Nation 2021 is now closed, and sessions are being scored by committees of community leaders. This process takes about a month. If you have questions, please email 

Submissions open June 14
Q&A session June 23, 3pm ET (Click to sign up)
Submissions close July 2
Selections announced Mid-August
Netroots Nation 2021 October 7-9

What To Submit

We’re looking for trainings that are practical, forward-thinking, and dynamic. Proposals should appeal to:

  • Independent activists—both newbies and activists with more experience
  • Professional organizers—folks who work for small to large progressive nonprofit organizations
  • Candidates—Especially those who are running for office for the first time

We’d love to receive submissions on the following topics, but don’t let this list limit your creativity:

  • Effective advocacy techniques
  • Identifying targets and theory of change
  • The future of online organizing
  • New media tools, digital advertising and social media
  • Using data to win campaigns and measure success
  • Effective messaging strategy

Things to Remember


  • Netroots Nation 2021 is a hybrid event, with two ways to attend: in person in Washington D.C., or virtually from your home. Some breakout sessions will be held in person, live-streamed, and then recorded for our virtual platform. Others will be held in a virtual format only and recorded for later viewing as well. Attendees will have access to all breakout sessions and keynotes, regardless of how they are attending.
  • For sessions held in person, all presenters must be present in Washington D.C. Otherwise, the session will be conducted virtually as a webinar. You’ll need to indicate if your session is for in-person or virtual presentation.
  • The most cohesive trainings are usually given by only one or two people. For that reason, training sessions are limited to no more than two trainers.
  • Session blocks are 60 minutes. We’ll do our best to accommodate scheduling needs of your trainers but cannot guarantee time slots.
  • Because we have hundreds of speakers each year, we are unable to offer all speakers free registrations. However, we will work to ensure that cost is not a barrier for participation. Information on how to request a waiver will be sent to session organizers once sessions are selected.
  • We strive for full inclusion and favor sessions that offer a range of diversity (ethnicity, gender, age, viewpoint, geography, etc.).
  • Vendors: Our community can tell when trainings are essentially promotions of a particular tool or service, and they will voice their frustrations. Please keep that in mind when crafting your submission.

Organizer Roles and Responsibilities

  • For sessions that will be held in person, trainers are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel expenses. Information about our hotel block can be found here.
  • If you’re selected to lead a training and you’ve already purchased a registration to attend Netroots Nation, our refund policy applies.
  • There are many things going on during a session block, so we encourage you to promote your training in advance through blog posts, social media and listservs.

If you have questions, send an email to