Netroots Nation Proposal FAQ


The submission period for Netroots Nation 2024 ran from January 15 through February 9. If you submitted an idea, you can expect to hear back from us in mid-March.
If you have questions in the meantime, email us at


Submission period opens: January 15
Submission best practices Q&A sessions: Jan 18 and Jan 25, both at 3pm ET.
Submission Q&A – Open Office Hours: Feb, 6 from 1-4pm ET.
Submission period closes: February 9 – CLOSED – 
Community evaluators score sessions: Feb 16-25 (Sign up to be a session evaluator by 2/15 here)
Selection notification emails out: Mid-March
NN24 schedule announced: Early May
Netroots Nation 2024: July 11-13 at the Baltimore Convention Center

Ready to submit? Click here to submit your proposal now. (You need to create an account on the new platform.)


(Additional information and a 2-pager you can share with others can be found here.)

What types of sessions can I submit?
You can submit a panel (moderator and no more than four speakers) or a training (one or two presenters).

How are sessions chosen?
Each year, subcommittees of over 100 community members score the submissions based on quality, timeliness, diversity, and other factors. (If you are interested in helping to evaluate sessions, you can sign up here.) We use those scores to narrow the submissions down, and then our final committee takes a holistic look at the entire agenda before making the final cuts.

What does a good proposal look like?
– Successful panels usually have a cross-issue focus, present an action-oriented take on an issue or share lessons learned, include experienced moderators and engaging speakers, and do not serve as commercials for a single organization or product. It’s best if your proposed speakers are realistic; ie you have a connection to them and would be able to invite them to participate.
– Successful trainings are skills-focused (as opposed to discussion or debate-focused) and range from beginner/basic to expert/advanced level. We want a training attendee to be able to walk away from a training and say “I learned this skill.”
– When you’re describing your panelists or trainers, be sure to tell us WHY they’re a good fit for your session and what their expertise is. Simply pasting in speaker bios isn’t as helpful.

How important is diversity really?
It’s incredibly important. Panels containing only white men will be rejected automatically, and gender-balanced panels that don’t include people of color will not be scored favorably. We also value sessions that include local voices from our host city/state and strongly encourage you to include a local speaker in your proposal.

How long is a session?
All sessions are 60 minutes. You should allow time for Q&A within that time block.

When will my session take place?
Your session will be held on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (July 11, 12 or 13). You’ll have about two weeks after selection notification to let us know if you have specific scheduling needs. The sooner we’re aware of scheduling limitations, the more likely we can accommodate. In addition, we may host some virtual only sessions in the weeks before Netroots Nation begins.

Can I be the organizer and the moderator or a speaker?
Yes. There is a place to indicate that on the submission form.

Is there a cost for speakers to register?
Because we have hundreds of speakers each year, we are unable to offer all speakers free registrations. However, we will work to ensure that cost is not a barrier for participation. Information on how to request a waiver will be sent to session organizers once sessions are selected.

Does Netroots Nation pay for travel or hotel accommodation?
No. Speakers are expected to cover their own travel and hotel accommodations.

Will I get a confirmation email with a copy of my submission?
Yes. The email will come from with a reply-to address of That’s the email to use if anything looks incorrect or you have questions.

When should I expect to hear back about my submission?
You’ll find out in mid-March if your session has been selected for Netroots Nation 2024. At this point, you will have two weeks to confirm your session is still going forward and let us know about any possible scheduling conflicts. If we do not hear from you in that time period, we will offer your spot to another panel.

Will the information I submit be released publicly?
Most of the information is just for our reviewers to have or so we can get in contact with you if we have questions. If your session is selected, we will post your session title and description, but you will have a chance to revise/update before publishing.

What if I have other questions?
Email us at