Speaker Profile

Tabitha Skervin

Tabitha is a Jamaican-born organizer living on occupied Lenni-Lenape territory in so-called Philadelphia. Zie has six years of experience organizing for social justice movements including clean energy, climate justice, student power, human rights, and abortion access. Tabitha is a graduate of the Greenpeace Organizing Term and has an educational background in International Relations. Zie was also a member of Bread and Roses’ Spring 2016 Giving Project, the National Network of Abortion Fund’s 2016 Building the Movement Cohort, and is currently a member of the Bread and Roses 2017 Women of Equity Cohort. Tabitha approaches organizing with an intersectional lense, recognizing that we can't 'win' without centering our work on collective liberation. Tabitha is currently the Community Mobilization Coordinator at Women's Medical Fund, leading the abortion fund’s advocacy efforts to eliminate all barriers to abortion care.

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