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Shwetika Baijal

Shwetika Baijal
50+1 Stratgies

Three things fuel Shwetika's political organizing: moments, moving, and mortgages. Creating moments for connection drive Shwetika's curiosity, creativity, and intellect. She directs campaigns to engage voters for 50+1 Strategies. She also fundraises for, supports, and elects women to California state offices as VP of The California List. She honed her organizing and analytical skills fundraising for the 2013 Lt. Governor's race in Virginia, managing a successful 2014 Independent Expenditure campaign in Hawaii, and in finance, film, and technology. Shwetika's diverse experiences involved moving and seeing what moves people. Shwetika's first time moving was at 6 years old and she then went on to live in 7 other cities in 2 countries. Shwetika's parents, like families across the country, were victims of the Great Recession. Their mortgage cost more than the home it was paying for. Addressing issues of economic inequality power Shwetika’s political passion as a result.