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Sharon Goldtzvik

Founder + CEO
Uprise - consulting for good guys

Sharon Rose Goldtzvik (Founder + CEO, Uprise) is a communications strategist and messaging expert. She’s who activists, advocates, and funders call when they need to tell their stories and make change, and who reporters call when they need expert sources and top progressive voices. Sharon helps researchers put their work into the real world, and helps campaigners make the best use of cognitive science, social psychology, and narrative research. She has served as a spokesperson and consultant on feminist issues, foreign policy, human rights, antisemitism, social and economic justice, and international development for nonprofits in the US and internationally for over a decade. Sharon specializes in tough fights and scores big wins for her clients. She trains visionary leaders to be persuasive and inspiring spokespeople, writes research-informed messaging that shapes debates and wins issues, and creates game-changing campaigns in oppositional environments. Sharon founded Uprise in 2015 to lift up voices and stories of those doing the deepest -- and often hardest -- work for social justice across issues. A native Southerner and DC expat, Sharon lives in Cambridge, England.

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