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Rezwan Khan

owner / Marketing Director
seedleSs. clothing

Rezwan has over a decade of experience in project management, marketing, brand development, and various other facets of business. Through involvement with his primary company, seedleSs, he has worked closely with artists, musicians, celebrities, athletes and other industry leaders to advocate for eco-conciousness and MMJ reform as well as its more broad industrial and recreational applications. Through social networking, strategic alliances, and grass roots marketing, Rezwan has been able to show results and consistent growth in everything he is involved with. While completing his J.D. Degree, Rezwan has had the opportunity to work under one of the state's prominent MMJ Experts, Attorney Lance Rogers. As a result, Rezwan has gained invaluable insight into of the legal concerns commonly associated with the business, legislative, and criminal aspects of this growing industry. His balanced and pragmatic position give him a very unique perspective on the issues.

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