Raaheela Ahmed

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Raaheela Ahmed

Raaheela Ahmed
School Board Member, District 5
Prince George's County Board of Education

Raaheela Ahmed is the elected board member for the Prince George's County Board of Education, District 5, representing over 80,000 people in Maryland. This lifelong Prince Georgian and product of public schools first ran for office as an 18-year old underdog and anti-establishment figurehead in 2012. She lost that election by 3%, ultimately coming back the following cycle to secure a grassroots victory - 32,000 supporters strong. Over the course of her two campaigns, Raaheela went door-to-door to 12,000 homes and attended dozens of community events to better understand the needs of the community. As a board member, she works even harder to be the vocal and active advocate her community deserves. Outside of the board, Raaheela serves as the Manager of Leadership Programs for New American Leaders, a national organization focused on training first- and second- generation immigrants to run for office, and supporting them in elected service.

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