Ophelia Chong

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Ophelia Chong

Ophelia Chong is the founder of StockPot Images. StockPot Images is the first stock-photo agency to specialize exclusively in cannabis-related imagery. We feature rights-managed and royalty-free photography, illustration, and video. Our selection reaches far beyond the small number of stereotypical images currently offered by major stock agencies and refocuses on aesthetic, content, and feeling. We curate from a select group of up-and-coming photographers, and we work with them to create the content that will fit the needs of the burgeoning cannabis industries. We believe in partnering with our contributors, so we can both flourish and thrive in our rapidly changing landscapes. StockPot Images targets healthcare, ad, and branding agencies, as well as corporate and emerging industries that will need cannabis images to service a new market of users. State by state, marijuana prohibition is ending, and the cannabis industry is evolving into a nascent economy with great impact on everything from pharmaceutical offerings to local politics and parenting. We’re at the ready with a wide variety of fresh visual representations of cannabis in our culture. Ophelia is also the co-founder of Asians Americans for Cannabis Education.

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