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Noreen Farrell

Executive Director
Equal Rights Advocates

Noreen Farrell is the Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates (ERA), a national non-profit advancing gender, racial, and economic justice. A nationally recognized leader, Noreen has has represented thousands of women and girls in groundbreaking impact litigation to end sex discrimination in school and the workplace, including before the U.S. Supreme Court. Noreen also leads ERA’s various Women’s Agenda Initiatives, including state and national policy reform campaigns to improve the lives of women and girls and their families. She co-founded and chairs the national Equal Pay Today Campaign, working with 30+ organizations in dozens of states and at the federal level to close the gender wage gap for women of color and low-paid workers. She also founded the National Network of States to Stop Harassment, which has 158 members across the country coordinating policy change to end sexual harassment at work and school. At the state level, Noreen founded and leads a women’s economic security campaign called Stronger California which has been the force behind 36 new laws building the economic security of 18.5 Californians, expanding access to childcare, and promoting workplace justice.