Nadine Bloch

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Nadine Bloch

Nadine Bloch
Training Director
Beautiful Trouble

Nadine an innovative artist, political organizer, strategic nonviolent actionista and current Training Director for Beautiful Trouble. Creative use of the arts in cultural resistance and public protest is at the core of her work. She contributed to the books "Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution" (2012, O/R Press), "Beautiful Rising: Creative Resistance from the Global South" (2017, O/R Press) and "We Are Many, Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation" (2012, AK Press). She authored a Special Report "Education & Training in Nonviolent Resistance" (2016, USIP) and co-authored "SNAP:An Action Guide to Synergizing Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding" (2019, USIP.) Check out her “Arts of Protest” column on

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