Moira Kaleida

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Moira Kaleida

Moira Kaleida
National Coalition Director
Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

Moira Kaleida is the National Coalition Director for the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS), an education justice coalition that strives to unite union and community organizations in coalition to realize an equitable, just, and transformative public education system. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Moira has a degree in education from Penn State University, and has combined her academic knowledge and lived experience (as a student, teacher, parent, school board member, and wife of a teacher) to beat the drum of public education across Pennsylvania. She is excited to lead the important work of AROS at a national level. In 2015, Moira was elected to serve on the Pittsburgh Public School Board, leading the policy and government relations committees. As a school board member, Moira was able to pass critical policies at the local level, with the help of the local AROS affiliated group (Great Public Schools Pittsburgh), including providing LGBTQIA+ protections for students, a “Sanctuary Schools” policy, a pre-K to 2nd grade suspension ban, and the creation and implementation of the first Community Schools Policy and corresponding opening of the first three community schools in the city. Professionally, Moira has served as a Chief of Staff for a City Council member and a State Representative in PA. She has also worked in a variety of organizing roles in the political, electoral, and education justice settings. Most recently before arriving at AROS, she was proud to lead the political and educational organizing at Pittsburgh’s own 412 Justice. In 2022, Moira was excited to join the inaugural board of Keystone Equality, advancing civil rights for LGBTQIA+ Pennsylvanians through voter mobilization, electoral advocacy, and political organizing. Moira resides in Pittsburgh with her husband, two children, three cats, and too many goldfish. In her free time, Moira enjoys watching government meetings (yes, really), doing jigsaw puzzles, reading anything she can get her hands on, bad karaoke, and tap dancing.

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