Marisa Falcon

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Marisa Falcon

Marisa Falcon
Executive Director
Apiary for Practical Support

Marisa Falcon is one of the co-founders and the Executive Director of Apiary for Practical Support, a national hub for all the groups that help people travel for their abortion care. Apiary provides technical assistance, facilitates coordination, and convenes key stakeholders to create innovative practical support interventions to the new and perpetually shifting territory that abortion seekers, workers and organizations must navigate. Marisa has been a leader in non-profit administration for over 15 years, primarily in reproductive health and immigration, building and supporting the sustainable growth of the systems that make direct service and justice-oriented organizations effective and impactful. Marisa built Apiary with two other experts in the abortion access space to fill a gap in practical support needs of those seeking abortion, and the need for better and more coordinated resources for the direct service workers who often bear the brunt of this labor. Though Apiary came to life before Roe was overturned, the crisis that decision brought and the subsequent attacks on reproductive health care have only made Apiary’s work more relevant and urgent. In the wake of anti-trans legislation, Apiary’s team has also begun providing assistance to organizations looking to build trans practical support systems so that the two movements can learn from and with each other.

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