Speaker Profile

Lola Elfman

Lola Elfman
Founder and Director
Greene House Group

Lola Elfman Greene is a Leadership Coach and Master Trainer with passion for creative learning and social change and as merged these passions in her own education and career for close to twenty years. Her work focuses on developing strong leaders and teams through coaching, team building, and talent development. She has set the standard for engaging and productive team retreats with groups like UltraViolet and Coworker.org, meaningful management practices with groups like ActBlue, and was deemed the “Chief Listening Officer” by her peers at Change.org. Lola believes that everyone is a leader, not just line managers or the C-Suite, and that everyone has the potential to positively impact their organization, their families, and the world. By approaching her clients holistically as leaders, parents, and partners, Lola supports people in becoming their best selves in both work and in daily life.