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Liz Ratcliff

Futures PAC

I am a lifelong social and climate justice activist. I currently serve on the school board in my community. After the election of Donald Trump, I got involved in several community organizations to support disadvantaged groups being targeted by his policies. Alarmed by the rise in bullying and cruelty, I began selling my artwork to pay for overdue school lunches. It seemed that running for school board was the next step to defend our kids from harmful policies. My campaign was anchored in equity and inclusion, and our current board has passed sweeping equity policies despite the backlash and threats from an organized and very vocal minority. During my time on the board, I have seen a tenacious, well-funded far-right effort to take over school boards across the country and dismantle public education. I recently co-founded Futures PAC to support progressive school board candidates that advocate for a robust and inclusive public education system. We are fighting back against book bans, the whitewashing of our history, and attacks on LGBTQ+ students. I believe we are the majority, and we must make sure that our voices aren’t drowned out by extremists with deep pockets. We are currently fundraising to support candidates who will challenge extremism and advocate for all students in upcoming elections.

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