Leah Entenmann

Program and Communications Coordinator

Leah Entenmann grew up amid the cornfields of rural Minnesota. Since first identifying as an anti-war feminist at age eight, they have sought to learn about and change systems of oppression and violence. As an adult, Leah has advocated with tenants in public housing; LGBTQ+ (especially trans* and gender-nonconforming) people in crisis; immigrant, refugee, and low-income people dealing with the criminal legal system; and victims/survivors of sexual violence. In 2013 they won the Minnesota Governor’s Award for Community Leadership. Their most recent work has focused on improving access to victim/survivor services for people with disabilities and online movement building for LGBTI human rights. Their Master of Public Policy thesis, “‘Aggravated Homosexuality’: US Influence in Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” examines the ethics and politics of transnational human rights advocacy on sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

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