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Josue Sican

Josue Sican is the son of Guatemalan immigrants and an anti-militarist organizer. After growing up in North Carolina, Josue moved to Chicago and got into organizing. He spent the next few years fighting for cultural centers on campus, for cops off campus, and providing support to immigrant communities in Chicago. In a time when capitalist interests are harming a multitude of our communities individually and our planet as a whole, anti-militarist organizing stood out to Josue and Dissenters became a political home. He joined the emerging Boeing Arms Genocide Campaign, and helped the campaign block $2 million in taxpayer dollars from going to the war profiteer and ensured Boeing HQ would leave Chicago. Josue recently joined Dissenters as a Field Organizer and couldn’t be more excited to fuel the fire of anti-militarism across Turtle Island and continue applying pressure to all aspects of the war industry. Outside of organizing you can typically find Josue with a camera, a bluetooth speaker, or both, eager to tell you about his newest music or gaming obsession. He firmly believes in laughing as much as possible and finding joy in every moment.

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