Jon Bowermaster

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Jon Bowermaster

Jon Bowermaster
One Ocean Media Foundation

A six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council and award-winning writer and filmmaker Bowermaster's ten-year-long OCEANS 8 project took him and his teams around the world by sea kayak, from the Aleutian Islands to Vietnam, French Polynesia to Chile/Argentina/Bolivia, Gabon to Croatia and Tasmania to Antarctica. Author of a dozen books and a dozen documentary films, Jon was recently named one of a dozen Ocean Heroes by the National Geographic Society. His website and blog ( continues his reporting on the world’s coastlines, the people who live along them and issues of importance to anyone concerned about the planet’s one ocean. A resident of New York’s Hudson Valley his most recent documentary, “Dear Governor Cuomo,” looks at the controversy around hydraulic fracturing in his own backyard. His next film, “Antarctica 3D: On the Edge” is due out in Fall 2013.

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