Jennifer Pae

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Jennifer Pae

Jennifer Pae
Vice President, Trainings & Leadership Development

Jennifer Pae is Vice President of Trainings & Leadership Development at re:power. Born in the Bay Area and raised in California’s Central Valley, Jennifer’s values are shaped by her mother, an immigrant and single parent. As a first-generation college student, she led campaigns to improve campus safety policies for women, access to higher education, and served as UC San Diego’s first Asian American woman student body president. Jennifer has served as a nonprofit leader at the national, state, and local level, including the US Student Association, PowerPAC,, League of Women Voters of California, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, East Bay Asian Voter Education Consortium, and FairVote on issues of capacity building, issue campaigns, civic engagement, and electoral reform. In 2010, she ran for Oakland City Council with the help of over 200 dedicated volunteer canvassers and phone bankers to make nearly 27,000 contacts. Although she didn’t secure the seat, the campaign made a significant impact in the community by engaging new and infrequent voters. Jennifer has also facilitated trainings with APIAVote, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, and New American Leaders.

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