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Jennifer Taylor-Skinner

Jennifer Taylor-Skinner
Founder & Host of The Electorette Podcast
The Electorette

Jenn Taylor-Skinner is the founder & host of The Electorette, a podcast and media platform. The Electorette Podcast (Electorette.com) features in-depth conversations and panels covering political, civil rights & social issues from the perspective of women, via long-form interviews with authors, academics, politicians, and activists. Jenn Taylor-Skinner's career began in the software industry where she spent 15+ years at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. After leaving the technology industry, Taylor-Skinner has given talks about the broken pipeline within the technology industry that perpetuates a noninclusive. In addition to The Electorette, Taylor-Skinner founded Moms For Equality (https://www.momsforequality.org), an organization which seeks to change trends in racial disparities in education by helping to create a more equitable learning environment, while reducing disparities in disciplinary practices and increasing academic inclusion. Jenn Taylor-Skinner lives in Seattle with her husband and 7 year-old son.