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Jason Lauve

Hemp Cleans

FROM FARM TO FARMERS Jason Lauve started out as a New York City kid who got to experience more than just the concrete jungle at Manhattan Country School, where the children lived on a farm in upstate NY.  Milking cows, dying wool and interacting with nature and animals in an “Environmentally Complimentary” environment has been the foundation of everything he’s done. Jason’s background in architecture, urban planning and environmental design, and is an active leader facilitating new ways of relating with environment, our rights, creating community, and an overall vision of cooperation and connection to each other and the planet, has him excited to continue his work with Cannabis: industrial hemp. CHANGE-MAKER Jason is considered the innovator and leading light in Industrial Hemp development. - Currently consulting for multiple hemp farms across the United States and Internationally. - Mr. Lauve was the driving force in the creation of the North Carolina Bill for Industrial Hemp Regulations 2014. - He was instrumental in the creation of Colorado Senate Bill 13-241 Industrial Hemp Regulations Dept of Agriculture 2013. - Author of Colorado House Bill 12-1099 Industrial Hemp Remediation Pilot Program 2012. - Founder and Executive Director of Hemp Cleans 2012.