Jason Aragon

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Jason Michael Aragon

Jason Aragon
Executive Director
Pan Left Productions

Jason Michael Aragón is the Executive Director for the non-profit media collective Pan Left Productions in Tucson, Arizona and he directed an co-produced the documentary “Under Apaio”. It’s the story of a community fighting the struggle against America's notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio. These are people seldom seen in the media and who have been working for justice to end Arpaio's human rights abuses. As the Sheriff continues to distract media attention through his jail tents, chain gangs, and crusade against undocumented workers, this documentary highlights the community that have been targeted by Arpaio and his deputies through racial profiling and abuse of power. “Under Arpaio” won Best of Arizona at Arizona International Film Festival in 2012 and can be seen on YouTube here https://youtu.be/z08FMfgiGAc

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