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Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones
Organizing Director
Rock the Vote

Jasmine Jones is Rock the Vote’s Organizing Director. She is a political operative with experience in organizing, fundraising, campaign and project management. She has a strong passion for leadership and an advocate in civic engagement. Prior to joining the Rock the Vote team, she was the Director of Alumni Support for the Virginia Progressive Leadership Project, a leadership cohort where she provided support for alumni with their political and civic goals. Jasmine is an exceptional networker with a demonstrated record of success across multiple campaigns, including Congressman Sandford Bishop in Georgia, and was the finance director for Supervisor Dan Storck in Fairfax County, Virginia. She is a motivated team leader and trainer with expertise in political and civic topics and development. In her spare time, she is a volunteer in her community and is a member of several organizations. She is an old soul with a huge personality and a lover of R&B. Jasmine is a southern belle growing up in Georgia by way of North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science and International relations from Albany State University.