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Jamaa Bickley-King

Jamaa Bickley-King, has worked in progressive political data and technology for 2 decades and he currently works at TargetSmart as the Chief Solutions Officer. He got his start working for Mark Warner’s 2001 gubernatorial campaign. He worked in his administration developing new and different ways to display the data of the Virginia Government. What he developed was used so that the Governor and State Legislature can make better decisions. After leaving the Warner Administration, he worked at all levels of politics and civic engagement from partisan players to non-profit organizations for the next 20 years. His clients have ranged from the NAACP, to the DNC, to the Prime Minister of Trinidad Tobago. In 2012 for the NAACP, he was chief technology architect for their 2012 voter registration program that yielded 800,000 registration cards submitted, with 600,000 completed. He developed a gap closing political data and technology training in 2017 targeted towards people of color, in order to get them entry level jobs in electoral work. The training had an internal goal of having 50% or more of those trained be women, and we ended up with over 70% of the attendees being women with all involved employed. He is also the Co-Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board of New Virginia Majority, and thanks to its talented staff and leaders it is one of the premier community centric organizations in the country. Jamaa holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. He is a huge science fiction literature, fantasy literature, and comic books fan, and in his spare time he likes to bake pies.

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