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Jae Rice

Founder/creative Director - Deputy CEO
smallWORLD Collective / Brave Space Alliance

Jae Rice (he/him) is a trans-masculine public figure and activist fighting for the liberation of oppressed communities daily. Jae is a cultural and space curator, international DJ, composer, Interim CEO & Director of Communications at Brave Space Alliance, and overall practitioner of freedom, joy, and justice. His background in political science and intercultural communications shapes his dedication to the progress of all Black LGBTQIA+ folks and other marginalized groups through his perpetuation of on-the-ground societal shifts, advancements, cultural change, and growth. This dedication can be seen and holistically felt through over a decade of creating intentional spaces that center all Black LGBTQ+ women, femmes, TGNC, and queer folks in Chicago and worldwide. As the founder and creative director of smallWORLD Collective and one of the few Black trans men in a CEO or Executive Director position at an LGBTQ+ Organization, Jae provides a unique and intentional perspective through their corporate and non-profit DEI work. Jae fosters an equitable future and moves intentionally towards a collectively liberated society. Jae also sits on the board of Howard Brown Health, the world's most historical LGBTQ+-focused resource. As a consultant and leader of Chicago’s most innovative lgbtq+ organization, Jae has dedicated his life to significantly contributing to a more equitable society. Learn more about the spaces Jae curates here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/curious-city/id568409161?i=1000568221230 https://chicago.suntimes.com/2022/3/31/23005492/recent-deaths-of-2-trans-women-in-chicago-solemn-reminders-on-trans-day-of-visibility https://www.wbez.org/stories/chicago-activists-mourn-murders-of-black-trans-women/13f7ab67-5f15-4642-aa22-8a7a015b0f4a www.bravespacealliance.org