Speaker Profile

Heather Booth

Democracy Partners

Heather Booth is one of the country’s leading progressive issue campaigns strategists. She has been an organizer starting in the civil rights and women's movement. She was the founding Director of the Midwest Academy, training social change leaders and organizers. She has been in many political campaigns and was Training Director of the DNC. In 2000, she was the Director of the NAACP National Voter Fund, which helped increase African American turnout by nearly 2 million votes. She has been consultant to many social change groups including MoveOn.org and National Council of La Raza. She was the lead consultant founding of the Campaign for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. She was director of the AFL-CIO Health Care Campaign. She was the founding director of Americans for Financial Reform, fighting to regulate the financial industry. She is now strategic advisor to the Alliance for Citizenship, the Voter Participation Center and NOW.