Gan Golan

Art Is My Occupation

Gan Golan is a NY Times bestselling author, artist and agitator. His books include the smash hit 'Goodnight Bush' and the critically-acclaimed 'The Adventures of Unemployed Man'. His next book 'Don't Let the Republican Drive The Bus' comes out in Fall. As an artist, he has designed Rock Music posters for Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah, Willie Nelson, Nick Cave and Henry Rollins. His Ben Harper poster is considered one of the greatest music posters of all time. Recently he founded two totally fake sports teams 'The Corporate Tax Dodgers' and 'The 99ers' and was featured on Democracy Now! He is currently the co-director of ArtIsMyOccupation, an arts organization which transfers resources to artists creating work on the front lines of the struggle for Economic Justice. He has recently moved from California to NY after getting his dream job on Wall Street: occupying it.