G. Agustin Markarian

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G. Agustin Markarian

G. Agustin Markarian
Assistant Professor
Loyola University Chicago

Hi! I'm an assistant professor at Loyola University Chicago. My research lies at the intersections of political representation and public policy, focusing on racial, ethnic, and class-based inequalities. Two questions motivate my research: how can we better protect marginalized communities from violence and incarceration? And, how can we improve marginalized communities' political representation? ​ My dissertation studies differential legislative responses to mass shootings (Why Parkland, not Pulse?). I find evidence that mass shootings lead to state-level gun policy change when victims are primarily white and affluent but not when victims are racial and ethnic minorities or low-income. My other research projects explore topics ranging from the impact of police killings on proximal voter turnout to the way election laws shape the electorate and representation. My research is published in American Political Science Review, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and the Oxford Handbook of Political Participation. ​ I am a proud graduate of Los Angeles Valley College. I received my BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley and my MA and PhD in Political Science from UC San Diego. On my free time, you might find me on a soccer field or a ski lift. Certified video game and board game geek.

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