Netroots Nation: Speaker/Trainer Profile

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Eve Reyes Aguirre

Eve Reyes-Aguirre is an Indigenous, grassroots, community organizer, community advocate, wife and mother of four, born and raised in East Los Angeles. Eve moved to Phoenix 17 years ago, where she continues community organizing and advocacy work at Tonatierra Nahuacalli An Embassy of Indigenous Peoples. As an Indigenous woman, Eve also represents the women in her Calpolli (traditional community) annually at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues as well as at the Global Indigenous Women’s Caucus. Eve has served as the Co chair for the Global Indigenous Women’s Caucus and currently serves as the Special Rapporteur. At the International level, Eve works alongside other Indigenous Women to bring awareness to the political, social and economic challenges affecting Indigenous Women and Peoples globally. Eve also organizes at the grassroots level regionally and locally to strengthen traditional identity, equality and well-being of Indigenous Women and all Indigenous Peoples.

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