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Emilia Delgado Heinz


My focus is always advancing the public interest and directly addressing intersectional, systemic inequities. I specialized primarily in pretrial criminal justice issues while part of the ACLU of Colorado’s public policy team. Since then, I have focused on affecting systemic change by fighting to put progressives in office at the state and national level. This lead me to join the team to elect Colorado State Senator Faith Winter. Later, I fought to nominate Senator Elizabeth Warren for president by being the first boots on the ground in Iowa during the Democratic primary. Currently, I am developing a career fighting for marginalized communities through applied research that informs law, policy, and politics. My focus is on aggressively demanding equal justice and accountability from our criminal justice system with data-informed solutions. I am always looking for new ways to expand my activism. Recently, this has included co-creating and -hosting a podcast, Mixed and Confused, focused on race, identity, and the mixed experience in the US through conversation and storytelling. I am a cis, mixed race, bisexual Latina—half Mexican, half white (pronouns: she/her/ella). I hold a degree in psychology from Colorado College where I researched dynamics surrounding gender-based violence. In my free time, you can find me caring for my plant babies with the ferocity of a mother bear and writing vignette-style prose.

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