Speaker Profile

Dolly Martinez

Campaign organizer
Retail action project

Dolly Martinez is the campaign organizer with the Retail Action Project, She started as a member and is the lead organizer in the Zara campaign. RAP is an organization of retail workers dedicated to improving opportunities and standards in the retail industry. As a Brooklyn native Dolly is also an artist who uses her art to deliver empowering messages to her peers and the community. In partnership with RAP, Dolly successfully organized the Utrecht/Blick art supply store where she worked and now the store's workers are in contract negotiations. Dolly is also on the committee board for Queer survival Economies and the young workers group and has spoken in major events such as NextUp Young Workers Summit, at Debt-free collage conferences and Netroots Nation. Dolly looks forward to organizing many more stores and fighting for improved working conditions across the retail industry.