Speaker Profile

Kevin Fry

Director of Communications
Alliance for Justice

Kevin Fry has served as director of communication at Alliance for Justice since April 2010, where he is responsible for directing AFJ’s media relations and public outreach initiatives, communications planning, the production of video and multimedia projects, management of the AFJ website and social media tools, and the creation of a variety of written materials. Prior to joining AFJ, has was president of Scenic America, the only national advocacy organization devoted to the conservation of our nation’s scenic resources and the reduction of visual blight. He has also served as executive producer and creative director for two award-winning television documentaries for PBS broadcast, called Back from the Brink: Saving America’s Cities by Design and Becoming Good Neighbors: Enriching America’s Communities by Design. Kevin has a B.A. in Public Affairs and an M.A. in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University.

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