Speaker Profile

Denise Lieberman

Senior Attorney and Project Director, Power & Democracy Program
Advancement Project

Denise Lieberman, a nationally recognized expert on voting rights, is Director of the Power & Democracy Program at Advancement Project, a racial justice organization based in Washington DC. A seasoned constitutional and civil rights lawyer, Lieberman has been at the forefront of voting rights debates in her home state of Missouri and across the country. As Director of Advancement Project’s Power & Democracy Program, Denise oversees the organization’s Voter Protection and Right to Vote initiatives. She has litigated challenges to discriminatory Photo ID laws in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina, where she was counsel to the NAAACP in a challenge to the state’s “monster” voter suppression law that the court found targeted African Americans “with almost surgical precision.” Denise has worked with grass roots partners to address the collateral consequences of mass incarceration, working to advance rights restoration campaigns in Florida and Virginia. She recently served as counsel to VOTE (Voice of the Experienced) in an appeal to restore voting rights to tens of thousands of Louisiana citizens who are on probation or parole.

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