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Ceon Dubose

Ceon Dubose
Youth leader
Black Swan Academy
My name is Ceon Dubose, I am 17 yrs old and a senior at Idea Public Charter School in Washington, DC. My favorite color is blue( preferably sky blue). I've been a youth advocate for 5 years. I started my 7th grade year with the Black Swan Academy and fell in love with it. Within my 5 years I've organized panels, town halls, workshops, traveled many place and learned what advocating and organizing really means. In my advocacy, I helped get our city council to fund the Near Act, mental health support in school and pass the Fair Access to School Act. I am also a co-author of the NWLC report, Dress Coded: Black Girls, Bodies and Bias in DC Schools. I've also won awards for my poems and Youth leader of the year Award.

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