Speaker Profile

Brianna Titone

State Representative
Colorado General Assembly

Brianna is a Geochemist and software developer who ran for office because of her long life history of service to her community. She finished serving her first term in the 72nd Colorado General Assembly and is running for re-election in 2020. She was a volunteer firefighter in high school and college, served as her HOA board president, and as a citizen scientist helping law enforcement with Necrosearch International. She also is a board member of TYES Colorado, an organization who works with families with trans kids to help find support and resources for them to thrive. She is a strong advocate for marginalized people and for thinking about planning for the future. Brianna values the views and opinions of her constituents and works hard to be sure their voices are heard. She has advocated for LGBTQ equality, affordable housing, reproductive rights, and expanding mental health initiatives.