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Brandt McCool

Chief Technology Officer
New Blue Interactive

Brandt is a native Kentuckian and our jack of all trades. He cut his teeth as Digital Director on the head-turning Senate race in Kentucky during the 2010 election. He brings a unique skill set of design and writing that is hard to find. Before New Blue, Brandt was the Digital Director for Lois Frankel’s 2012 election campaign and led the digital efforts for Jack Conway’s 2010 head-turning Senate race. Brandt helped to raise well over $3 million online combined for the races. He also served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Adam Edelen’s campaign in Kentucky as well as a number of other roles for races big and small in Kentucky. Since joining New Blue in 2012, Brandt has raised over $8.5 million for NBI clients for projects big and small and has helped develop technological platforms and cutting-edge strategies that give our clients the boost they need to succeed.