Ashley Harrington

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Ashley Harrington

Ashley Harrington
Special Assistant to the President; Counsel
Center for Responsible Lending

As a member of the executive team, Ashley Harrington serves as a liaison between the CRL president, executive leadership, and team leaders and policy staff that manage day-to-day advocacy and operations at CRL. Based in the DC office, Harrington works with senior managers to mobilize organizational resources around new CRL initiatives. Harrington also takes a lead role in CRLs federal policy and advocacy efforts related to student loans. She recently served as a primary negotiator for the Department of Education’s Borrower Defense to Repayment Rulemaking Committee. Harrington works closely with various organizations on student loan issues and works hard to ensure that all conversations include the disparate impact of college in-affordability and lack of access to higher education resources and services on people of color and women. Prior to joining CRL, Harrington served as Special Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer in the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Harrington received her JD from New York University School of Law and her BA in Public Policy Analysis from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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