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April Pedersen


With a passion for helping organizations achieve meaningful engagement with their supporters online, April has spent the past 15 years at the intersection of nonprofits/politics & technology. She is the co-founder of DemocracyInAction.org, a nonprofit founded in 2004 to lower the barrier to entry for nonprofits to sophisticated organizing technology, training, and support. She then co-founded Salsa Labs, a mission-oriented technology company serving over 2,500 progressive organizations with a collective reach of over 70M active and engaged individuals, making it one of the largest progressive networks in the world. Over 30K people rely on Salsa for mission-critical activities such as data management, fundraising, advocacy, and communications. April has recently turned her attention to a new venture, Frakture, a DC-based start-up building a multichannel data integration, production, and analytics engine for marketers.

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