Alex Perotti

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Alessandra "Alex" Perotti

Alex Perotti
Digital Engagement Manager
Center for Constitutional Rights

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” That’s why, for the last 8+ years, Alessandra (or "Al3x") has been leveraging data to help give power back to the people. She has crafted social and digital media strategies for progressive advocacy, issue, and political campaigns. Currently, she's the social media voice behind the Center for Constitutional Rights. Her unique communications background crosses online campaigning, digital writing, and advertising: she believes that only by listening to our people, analyzing connections and correlations, and understanding people's behavior we can find better ways to craft relevant messages. Throughout her career, she learned how to keep a strategic perspective even when much of the content distributed on social and digital media is the result of reactive opportunities. She's worked extensively with email, websites, and blogs (SEO, Google Ads), Facebook (organic and ads), Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube. She's worked in multiple languages and campaigned across several countries. When she's not solving social media problems, she's probably sending boulder problems and trying her hardest to master the art of rock climbing. She's a proud slow traveler, undercover geek of the tech kind, and full-time activist.

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