Anay Bickham

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Anay Bickham

Anay Bickham
Digital Fellowship
Kairos Fellowship and Arizona Black Voter Alliance

Anay Bickham was born in Louisiana and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where she currently resides. Anay’s work has included c community organizing through volunteering with Black Alliance for Just Immigration and Public Allies Arizona Alumni Network. Anay co-founded and serves as Project Director for Arizona Black Voter Alliance, which was instrumental in creating Black Roots Nation during 2015 Netroots Nation conference that helped center the Black Lives Matter movement into the 2016 Presidential campaign. Currently, Anay serves as board secretary for the Greater Phoenix Urban League Young Professionals Network. She is a Digital Campaigner through the innovative Kairos Fellowship with Citizen Engagement Lab for emerging leaders of color in digital organizing. She is active in organizing around racial justice, criminal justice, and voting rights issues both locally and nationally.

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