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Amanda Monroe

Amanda Monroe is a single mother, a Fast Food Worker and a fighter. She’s currently employed at McDonald’s in Albany, NY and is making the minimum wage in the state - $8.75. Amanda has joined the Fight For $15 movement and gone on strike for $15 and Union rights because she believes that every person that is willing to work deserves dignity and respect and the ability to support their own families without being forced to rely on public assistance. Currently, after basic necessities, Amanda's McDonald's wage leaves her family $400 short every month. Meanwhile, her employer is bringing in over $5 billion every year in profits. Because of Amanda’s work and that of 1,000’s of workers across the country and globally, cities, states and businesses are starting to move toward a living wage. Her recent testimony supporting $15 min wage recommendation for 180,000 fast food workers in NY to the NY wage board has garner over 500,000 views on Upworthy and inspired people across the nation.